Thursday, October 20, 2005

Welcome to free-food-alert

To subscribe to Stanford's Free Food Alert mailing list, send an email to with the following text in the message:

subscribe free-food-alert

This is an abridged version of what you can expect as an email to you when you subscribe:


Welcome to the Free-Food-Alert list!

This mailing list was created to serve a simple but very important purpose: to help hungry
Stanford students find free food on campus. We have an impressive 280+ members on this mailing list, a short article in Stanford Magazine, and a plug in the Stanford Daily. As a member of the community you are encouraged to forward to the list any announcements about events that involve free food. (Such events may include talks, company presentations, seminars, etc.) Remember that one person's leftovers is another person's lunch and dinner.

As a service to this community of free food seekers, you are encouraged to follow this template:

---------Suggested template --------------

[Location]:[Short Description of Food]

-Location and event (if any),
-Description of Food,
-Number of servings (if known),
-Time you last saw the food,
-Length of time it will be available (if known),
-Estimate on age of the food...
-Tips and Notes (i.e. �"Bring Tupperware containers to carry it away!" or "Bring your Stanford ID if you want to make it past the guards!")

---------End suggested template ------------

As a courtesy to others on this list, if you discover (or are part the reason) that the announced free food is no longer available, please let the rest of the list know so we can put thedeal to rest.

Without each other, you and I would starve! (Or at least we would have to resort to not-so-free-food. And I would rather starve.)

Long live Free Food!

If you have any questions, please send them to

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