Monday, November 28, 2005

[FREE-FOOD] Free Holiday Cows @ Bookstore! it's not free food PER SE...but I thought you guys'd be
interested in the free stuff regardless...

Buy $100 worth of stuff (before taxes) at the bookstore....and then
walk right into customer service, return the stuff, and keep your cow
($15 MSRP or so). Rinse and repeat. Cheap as free! Makes great
gifts for loved ones. ('s the thought that counts) =)

They said last year was the final year they'd be doing the holiday
cow thing. Don't believe their lies. They're there and they'll be
gone soon (they always sell out really REALLY
quickly) get 'em while they're hot!


PS These cows are a different brand than usual and much uglier...they
also moo annoyingly and shake afterwards....but honestly...who
cares!?!?! they're free!

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Gary Freedman said...

Food for thought.