Tuesday, January 17, 2006

[FREE-FOOD] Amazon talk - dinner provided

quote: "Dinner will be provided"
when: Thurs, 1/19/06, 6pm
where: Packard 101

Connie Chan <cchan@cs.stanford.edu>

Dear Students:


Amazon is looking for talented, motivated software development interns.  At Amazon, your ideas are valued, and your code can make a difference for tens of millions of customers making ore than $6 billion in purchases.  Come meet some of their developers and hear more about the amazing technology at Amazon’s Information Session this Thursday, January 19th, in Packard 101 at 6pm.  


Speaker:  Scott Silver, Sr. Manager, Ordering Experience

Subject:  The Amazon Ordering System: A High Availability Distributed System

For just 1 web page, and in about half a second, our ordering systems have to read and write from 30 different services, consulting 100 different databases and, finally, render the HTML page with your order totals, shipping and payment options. In this talk I'll highlight a few of the techniques we use for infinite size and high availability of order storage (we always have to take your orders) and order calculations (we always have to charge you the right amount and get those promotions and shipping options right).

Bring your resume.  Raffle to win an iPod!

Dinner will be provided.




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