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The FOREIGN FILM & FOOD series kicks off the New Year with...

i n s t a l l m e n t i i i

* C O M E T E N U S S U N O M A I *


a r e l a x e d i t a l i a n d i n n e r


7 . 3 0 p m . j a n 1 7 . l y m a n a t r i u m .

* We ask that if you come for the food,
please stay for the film! *

COME TE NUSSUNO MAI translates from Italian to "like you anyone ever"
or one's first experiences in life are unique solely to you, never
having been experienced by anyone in history. BUT FOREVER IN MY MIND
is simply a quote lifted from this film about the agonies and
ecstasies of adolescence and to fully appreciate the story from the
adolescent aspect, the Italian title is far more appropriate.

As written by brothers Gabriele and Silvio Muccino (also Gabriele
directs and Silvio stars) this radiant little film covers a day in the
lives of Italian highschool kids caught up in a youthful rebellion
against their school's policies while at the same time sorting out the
nascent changes in their burgeoning sexuality. The boys languish over
their expected, anxiously awaited first physical encounter while the
girls (at times on split screen just to make the comparison more
strongly) relate their feelings about first time encounters with the
boys. The two stories run parallel: student riots involve the police
and of course eventually their parents, the two sources of authority
the kids naturally challenge, and the taste of honey one of the boys
achieves which becomes a gossiped, bloated misdirected moment of
braggadocio that eventually leads to the serendipitous beautifully
innocent discovery of teenage love.

The young boys include Silvio (Silvio Muccino) and his talkative
confident Ponzi (Giuseppe Sanfelice), the one sexually active lad
Martino (Simone Pagani) while the girls include the experienced
Valentina (Giulia Carmignani) partner of Martino, and Claudia (Giulia
Steigerwalt), Silvio's longtime friend who dreams of a relationship
beyond friendship. The remainder of the cast (especially Enrico
Silvestrin and Giulia Ciccone who are splendid as Silvio's 'ex-hippie'
parents) is quite strong. The parallel between the physical rebellion
in the school incident and the hormonal rebellion within this
collected group's bodies is a true sense of cinematic metaphor and
makes for a fast-paced, humorous, touching coming of age story that is
a joy to watch! In Italian with English subtitles.

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