Thursday, September 30, 2010

[FREE-FOOD] Various international center events

1. GERMAN OKTOBERFEST - Sunday October 3  from 3 pm - Bechtel International Center. Free

2. 2010 NEW STUDENT WELCOME PARTY - Oct 2 Saturday , 6pm - I-Center Assembly Room - free for new students, scholars, and their family members,free for picking-up volunteers,free for event volunteers, $5 for all others.

3. WELCOME BBQ - Wednesday, October 6th . 6 pm. EV Oasis. Free

Sunday October 3 ?
from 3 pm
Bechtel International Center
The German Student Organization hosts their annual Oktoberfest , which aims at bringing a part of ?
German culture that is so widely know in the world to the Stanford ?
community.?The guests will have the chance to taste authentic German ?
BBQ items and drinks and enjoy the music of a traditional live band . ?
This event has attracted a large number of guests in the past, both ?
international and domestic students who enjoyed a glimpse of German ?
culture in California.

Oct 2 Saturday
FREE for new students, scholars, and their family members,FREE for picking-up volunteers,FREE for event volunteers, $5 for all others
I-Center Assembly Room

Welcome all the new students and scholars to the farm! This year, we??
have again hundreds of new Chinese students and scholars arrived at??
Stanford! ACSSS would host a welcome party for new farmers. We will??
present our new school year party at 6:00PM, on Saturday, October 2 ??
at I-Center Assembly Room. Come and meet other new students,??
scholars, and their family members! We will FEED you with tasty??
food, STRIKE you with great performance, ENTERTAIN you with fun??
games and SATISFY you with cute presents . Obviously, there's no??
reason that you do not want to join us!

This event is supported by theBillie Achilles fund and the Bechtel International Center

Wednesday, October 6th
6 pm
EV Oasis

It's Fall quarter again and time to meet new people!
The French Stanford Student Association organizes its Welcome BBQ on
Wednesday, October 6th at the EV Oasis (on Escondido Road & Running Farm
Lane, between buiding 135 and studio 1). We will have, as always, free
food and free drinks for everybody, so come join us and enjoy burgers
and hot dogs while making new friends or reconnecting with old ones!
The party starts at 6 pm, don't hesitate to bring friends with you!

Event is FREE
This event is funded by the Graduate Student Council.
Proof of age (21+) required to drink.

[FREE-FOOD] Microsoft Info Session today

Microsoft Presents to Stanford University: MEET THE COMPANY
Thursday, September 30, 2010 5:30pm - 6:30pm
In Packard 101

Come check out the future of Microsoft and learn how you can be part of
it! Make sure to bring your resume for a chance to win an XBOX-360 and
other prizes! Meet your recruiter and alumni and get great career
insights and tips! Free Food!

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[FREE-FOOD] Fwd: REDWOOD: Stanford Outdoors Kickoff BBQ!!

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Subject: REDWOOD: Stanford Outdoors Kickoff BBQ!!
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 13:36:39 -0700
From: Julia Janssen <>


Stanford Outdoors (SO) Kickoff BBQ

Thursday, September 30, 5:00 pm

Roble Field


Learn about SO clubs, meet members, eat food, chill outdoors! Come on by, and bring a friend!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[FREE-FOOD] Apple Info Session tonight, dinner provided

Copied straight from the recruiting email. I am definitely not an Apple
person, but it might be interesting and well apparently there is free food:

Part Career, Part Revolution!
Apple Info Session
Tuesday, Sept. 28
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Packard Building, Room 101

Apple is coming to Stanford campus! If you are an undergraduate or
graduate student, then don't miss this opportunity to find out about
internship at Apple. Are you ready to do your best work? Changing the
world is all in a day's work at Apple. So if you love innovation--and
are looking for a challenge--here's your chance to make a career of it.

Dinner provided!

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[FREE-FOOD] an (re-)introduction to free food alert

I am glad, and somewhat amused, to see the free-food-alert list
suddenly come back to life after years of silence.

By all means, please make use of it!

I suspect, though, that there might be a few people on this list who
are not sure what this list is all about. Perhaps some of you
subscribed some years ago and have completely forgotten about it. Up
until some years ago, I used to get emails when new people subscribe,
so I got to see that every September there would be a surge of
subscribers, but typically no actual messages.

So, let me post a link to a message I sent to this list in 2002:

As in 2002, the future of this list is up to the current subscribers...

- yuri
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[FREE-FOOD] Free Panda Express tomorrow!

At any location in the Bay Area...

Monday, September 27, 2010

[FREE-FOOD] Coldstone Creamery: Free Coldstone from 5-8 Thursday September 30th.


I'm not sure if this list is active or who is still on it, but let's
start posting stuff to make it active!

Location: Coldstone Creamery
Event: Make A Wish month
Time: September 30th, 5-8pm.
Free 3oz serving of Kate's Creation, Caramel Apple Ice Cream mixed with
Chocolate Shavings, Graham Cracker Pie Crust, and Apple Pie filling
While supplies last, one per customer.
I'm guessing donations suggested.

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