Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[FREE-FOOD] an (re-)introduction to free food alert

I am glad, and somewhat amused, to see the free-food-alert list
suddenly come back to life after years of silence.

By all means, please make use of it!

I suspect, though, that there might be a few people on this list who
are not sure what this list is all about. Perhaps some of you
subscribed some years ago and have completely forgotten about it. Up
until some years ago, I used to get emails when new people subscribe,
so I got to see that every September there would be a surge of
subscribers, but typically no actual messages.

So, let me post a link to a message I sent to this list in 2002:

As in 2002, the future of this list is up to the current subscribers...

- yuri
free-food-alert mailing list

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