Monday, October 11, 2010

[FREE-FOOD] eBay info session, Tuesday, Oct 12, 12-1pm, Packard 104

A Tech Talk – eBay Technology and Challenges
Tuesday, Oct. 12
12:00pm – 1:00pm
Packard Building, room 204
Food & Refreshment will be provided!

1. eBay Stats and fun trivia
a. Number of listings, users and transactions per day
b. Fun facts: Most expensive/most watched/ famous/weird items
c. Patents

2. eBay architecture
a. Scale (how do we compare to other sites)
b. Reliability (High level operational aspects)
c. Distributed system and services

3. Challenges
a. Social networking in ecommerce
b. Scaling 10x
c. Items-products and search

As the world's leading e-commerce company, eBay Inc.'s global portfolio
of businesses enables hundreds of millions of people to buy,
sell and pay online. Take a closer look. If you possess a passion for
understanding and serving the unique community of eBay and
PayPal users, like to work hard and smartly, dive into solving problems,
and have lots of fun, eBay is the place for you.

Jigar Desai, Manager, Software Development
Jigar Desai: Jigar has been with eBay for more than 6 years now. In his
role as a technical manager, he deals with large scale transactional
applications and distributed systems on daily basis. He handles one of
the most trafficked pages on eBay with focus on scaling technology
to the traffic needs and making it more reliable. He also spends a lot
of his time on site speed and search engine (SEO) optimizations.
Before eBay, Jigar had extensive technical experience with startups and
mid-size companies. He has been dealing with Java and related
technologies for last 10+ years and is passionate about ecommerce and
internet applications

Srinivasan Raman, Technical Architect
Srinivasan Raman: Srini has been with ebay for 8 years now. He is
architect for several mission critical flows on eBay. He has been
in designing many large scale distributed systems like payments and
transactions that power the heart of eBay. His is passionate about
a system that can scale for years to come while managing time-to-market
constraints. He is extremely hands-on with variety of technologies related
to Java and J2EE. Before eBay, Srini played technical played several
roles as a technologist over span of 15+ years.

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