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[FREE-FOOD] You Saw the Monologues...Now Create Your Own Story!! A Day in the Life of a Hijabi (11/11)

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Subject: [apileaders] You Saw the Monologues...Now Create Your Own Story!! A Day in the Life of a Hijabi (11/11)
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 15:04:09 -0800
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The Muslim Student Awareness Network (MSAN) Presents...
A Day in the Life of a Hijabi
THIS Thursday, November 11th

You saw the monologues--now create your own story! 

Ever wondered what it's like to wear hijab? TRY IT OUT--use any winter neck scarf you have as a hijab for a day (or even a few of hours!!) (11/11)
GUYS--you TOO can participate!!- Special pink t-shirts will be distributed on 11/10 at noon in White Plaza; wear them on 11/11
ATTEND an informal and YUMMY dinner de-brief to discuss your experiences wearing hijab for the day or participating in the event, listen to the stories of Stanford Muslims, and bring honest questions!! (11/11 at 7:30 pm, Bechtel Assembly Room)


"A Day in the Life of a Hijabi" is a campus-wide challenge that encourages Stanford students to explore the Muslim woman's choice and decision to wear the hijab, or Islamic headscarf, while upholding her right to choose her form of dress and self-expression. This day of activism challenges Stanford females to wear a scarf around their head in solidarity with the right of women to choose, as an opportunity to explore a culture that many times is portrayed as "foreign," and to make a stance against the rising number of discrimination and employment cases in which women who wear the hijab are prevented from applying for certain jobs within the United States. The day also incorporates the support of Stanford males by providing them with a free pink t-shirt (with the slogan "It's about what's in your head, not on it") and asking them to wear said shirt on the awareness day in increased solidarity. 

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