Monday, February 14, 2011

[FREE-FOOD] GSB Social Ventures: GiveWell Thurs noon

Are you skeptical of social ventures? Have you ever wondered if there is a rigorous way to analyze a charity's impact? Have you ever donated without knowing how much impact your dollars were having? Have you started a charity? Are you interested in transitioning from finance or business to a social venture?

Please join the Social Venture club in welcoming

Holden Karnofsky, Co-Founder of
Thursday, 2/17, 12-1pm, Room S182
Lunch to be served

Come hear Holden's story, from working in a hedge fund to starting an organization that is trying to change the face of philanthropy.

"GiveWell has filled a huge gap… How can we know that our donation will really help the poor? Until GiveWell came along, it was difficult to give a convincing answer to that question."
-Peter Singer, Ira W. Decamp Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University 

"GiveWell asks tough but unavoidable questions."
-David Roodman, Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development

"GiveWell is like the Michelin Guide for non-profits."
-John Hecklinger, Chief Program Officer, GlobalGiving Foundation

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Holden Karnofsky graduated from Harvard in 2003 with a degree in Social Studies, and spent the next four years in the hedge fund industry. In August of 2006, he began a part-time collaboration between 8 friends struggling to make the most of their personal donations, and he left his job in mid-2007 to work on the project full-time.  This project became GiveWell (, where he currently serves as co-Executive Director.

GiveWell finds outstanding charities to help donors decide where to give.  It currently recommends 10 charities out of over 400 reviewed in both U.S. and international causes.  Its research has attracted attention from Peter Singer (who featured it in his manifesto on giving, The Life You Can Save), Nicholas Kristof (who featured it in Half The Sky), the Hewlett Foundation (a current funder of GiveWell) and media including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Since 2009, GiveWell has tracked over $1 million per year in donations to top charities as a result of its research.

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