Thursday, March 31, 2011

[FREE-FOOD] Fwd: [wcc-announce] WANNA LOSE CONTROL? Come see Diane Hunter speak tonight @ 7! Desserts Provided! :)

Desserts tonight!

Heh, sorry for posting so much.  Hopefully it's helpful to you.


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Want to get the most out of your Spring quarter?! Come learn how to...

Let Go of the Need to Control: The Path to Freedom

It's comforting to think that you can control other people, or control outcomes. But really, you only have total control over one thing: your own decisions. Learn to let go of the need to control, and learn to not feel controlled by others, and watch as your problems begin to fade almost without you doing anything.

Come see mind-body coach Diane Hunter speak tonight and leave feeling empowered and ready for an incredible Spring quarter!! 

Come to the Rimon Lounge of  Koret Pavilion (behind Hillel) from 7-8 PM TONIGHT! Yummy desserts will be served! 


Brought to you by the ASSU Health and Wellness Team :)

More about Diane...

As a Mind-Body and Equus Coach, Diane guides clients from a state of pain and overwhelm to a place of peace and deep connection to love and joy. As a mother of a child with many special needs including autism, she's intimately aware of the affects stress, anxiety and fear have on the mind, body and overall well-being.  She offers a unique experience with horses where individuals reconnect with their inner guidance system, learn how to step into their leadership, build trust, set healthy boundaries and gain a deeper understanding of the power of non-verbal communication. 

-->See for more information about Diane and her work!

Contact if you have any questions! 
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