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[FREE-FOOD] Fwd: Friday Lunch & Undergraduate Research at Stanford


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"who will help me in my research?" "when should I start thinking about it?" "what is education research?" "how do I start the process?" "where do I seek help?" "why should i even 'do' research?"

Get a head start on doing research at Stanford and more!
EAST House: Friday, April 22, 12-1pm 
**delicious lunch provided - limited to 20!**

 – Undergraduate Presentations –
Rebels and Teachers Pets: How Chinese Students Respond to Authority in Rural-to-Urban Migrant Schools 
James Chu, Human Biology (BA) and Sociology (MA)

The Discourse of Intercourse: The Effects of Gender and Sexual Orientation on Stanford Students' Understandings of "Safe Sex"
Lizz Fay, Human Biology (BA)

Exploring Portrayals of Communism and Terrorism in High School U.S. History Textbooks
Jenna Queenan, Public Policy (BA)

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