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Subject: [wcc-announce] Free Food!

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Hey ya'll! For my CS376 class I'm trying to conduct a study on how
technology impacts eating and I'd love for you to participate! In exchange
you'll get 2 free meals. Fill out the form below to sign up.
CS 376 - Food Study

We are conducting a study on food and we'd love to have you participate in
exchange for two free meals

   First Name *
   Last Name *
   Email *
   email please
   Gender *
   - Male
      - Female
      - Other:
   Age *
   Are you currently trying to lose weight? *
   - Yes
      - No
   Are you free for at least two lunches in the next 2 weeks? *
   In approximately the date range of: 11/7-11/18
   - Yes
      - No
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