Monday, February 13, 2017

[FREE-FOOD] Notice on list policies

Hello free-food-alert members!

We haven't seen much action on the list lately, but I have been asked by a staffer who hosts events to pass along a message.

The message is: please be very courteous if you're coming to events posted on this list.  Please attend events with the intention of engaging with the purpose of the event, and enjoying a moderate, fair, and appropriate amount of free food.  Be sure all the others who are attending the event also have ample opportunity to get food (that is, don't show up, beeline for the buffet, and clean them out!).

Let's also not post events hosted by the Art and Art History Department or events at the McMurty building, out of respect for the requests of those who host events there.  

With thanks,


Steven Michael Crane
Project Staff
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Hugh Phillips said...

Is this mailing list still active? I've been subscribed for two days and haven't received an email about free food